T-12, r. 17 - Regulation respecting road vehicles used for the transportation of school children

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49. The driver of a school bus, when transporting a handicapped school child, shall
(1)  assist the child in getting on and off the bus, where the child requires his assistance;
(2)  immobilize the child’s wheelchair, if he has one, and ensure that the seat belt that must be worn by the child is buckled before continuing his route;
(3)  assist a child whose wheelchair cannot be immobilized or a child whose handicap does not affect his mobility, so that such school children sit on the seats; and
(4)  refuse to transport a child whose wheelchair cannot be immobilized and who cannot sit on a seat.
In the situation contemplated by subparagraph 4 of the first paragraph, the driver shall not continue his route until he has informed the child’s parents or the person having parental authority of his refusal, or until he has placed the child in the care of a person of full age who agrees to look after him.
O.C. 285-97, s. 49.