R-13, r. 1 - Regulation respecting the water property in the domain of the State

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10. The Minister may authorize a person to occupy a part of the water property for non-profit purposes to install or maintain thereon any of the following works or structures by issuing a licence to that effect:
(1)  a platform, either a floating platform with a movable anchor or on piles, or a boathouse on piles the area of which exceeds 20 m2 or that occupies more than 1/10 of the width of the river at that place;
(2)  works enabling water to be collected or evacuated;
(3)  works to protect the shores or banks against erosion, subsidence, landslides or floods;
(4)  a bridge whose foundations on the bed of the water property do not occupy more than 1/10 of the width at that place;
(5)  a cable, a pipe or works, other than a jetty, used to link the two banks or shores or to travel from one to the other; or
(6)  an anchor for mooring structures.
O.C. 81-2003, s. 10.