Q-2, r. 39 - Regulation respecting water quality in swimming pools and other artificial pools

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18. In the presence of vomitus or feces in a pool, the person in charge of the pool must, after evacuating and closing access to the pool, increase the free residual chlorine concentration to the following values:
(1)  in the case of loose stools, not less than 10.0 mg/l for 16 hours or not less than 20.0 mg/l for 8 hours;
(2)  for solid stools or vomitus, not less than 2.0 mg/l for 0.5 hours.
After that period, access to the pool may be permitted as soon as the values of the residual disinfectant and pH meet the standards in Chapter II.
Any other combination equivalent to the concentration of a residual disinfectant (mg/l) multiplied by contact time (hours) is accepted.
O.C. 1087-2006, s. 18.