Q-2, r. 37 - Land Protection and Rehabilitation Regulation

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2.12. Every person or municipality preparing to receive soils containing contaminants in a concentration equal to or less than the limit values in Schedule I and intended for reclamation, on or in land must, before receiving such soils, perform a characterization study, carried out by a professional or by any other person qualified in the field, of the portion of land on which the soils will be disposed of, excluding surface and groundwater found there.
The characterization study referred to in the first paragraph must be carried out in accordance with generally accepted standards and practices and the person responsible for performing the study must take into account the history of the land and the results of the analysis reports referred to in the third paragraph of section 2.10 with respect to contaminants whose presence in the portion of land concerned is indicated in the reports.
O.C. 797-2019, s. 2.