Q-2, r. 37 - Land Protection and Rehabilitation Regulation

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2.10. Where the reception of contaminated soils is covered by a declaration of compliance or exempted from the application of section 22 of the Environment Quality Act (chapter Q-2), the owner of the land where the soils are received, or the owner’s representative, must, before receiving the soils, verify their acceptability.
To that end, the owner or representative must, upon arrival of the soils, enter in a logbook the following information:
(1)  the address of the soils’ land of origin;
(2)  the contact information of the carrier of soils;
(3)  the date on which the soils are received;
(4)  their quantity, expressed in m3;
(5)  the nature and concentration of the contaminants they contain, established on the basis of the analysis reports referred to in the third paragraph.
The owner or representative must also attach to the logbook the analysis reports that were used to perform the characterization study of the soils that their owner must give to them.
Where the reception of the owner’s soils is covered by a declaration of compliance, the owner of the land or representative must also, when receiving the soils,
(1)  for each batch of soils accepted less than or equal to 100 m3, collect a sample and have it analyzed;
(2)  for each batch of soils accepted greater than 100 m3, collect an additional sample and have it analyzed for each additional fraction of soils less than or equal to 200 m3.
The analysis of the samples collected in accordance with the fourth paragraph must allow to determine whether they contain the following contaminants referred to in Schedule I:
(1)  monocyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (MAH) and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH);
(2)  petroleum hydrocarbons (C10 to C50);
(3)  metals and metalloids;
(4)  any other contaminant whose presence in the soils accepted is indicated in the analysis reports referred to in the third paragraph.
The results of the analysis referred to in the fourth paragraph must also be entered in the logbook referred to in the second paragraph.
O.C. 797-2019, s. 2.