Q-2, r. 35.2 - Water Withdrawal and Protection Regulation

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18. Unless a groundwater withdrawal facility is plugged in accordance with section 20, the facility must, at all times, be operated in compliance with the following conditions:
(1)  the facility must be equipped with a secure cover that is resistant to the weather, contaminants and vermin, and, if the facility is exposed to immersion risks, the infiltration of water;
(2)  the soil around the facility must be graded so as to prevent water pooling and water runoff towards the facility for a distance of 1 m around the facility;
(3)  the facility must be visibly locatable;
(4)  if a hydrofracturing activity is carried out at the facility, water that meets the quality standards for drinking water prescribed by the Regulation respecting the quality of drinking water (chapter Q-2, r. 40) must be used.
This section also applies to an observation well.
O.C. 696-2014, s. 18.