Q-2, r. 22 - Regulation respecting waste water disposal systems for isolated dwellings

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34. Construction standards: A seepage pit cast in place must comply with the following standards:
(a)  where more than 1 seepage pit is used, the pits must be installed in parallel at a minimum distance of 3 m from each other;
(b)  the walls of the seepage pit must be built with unmortared concrete blocks in which are inserted rods of steel or another material with equivalent features as to deterioration or resistance to loads to which the structure will be subjected;
(c)  the thickness of the gravel or crushed stone must be 30 cm at the base of the seepage pit and 15 cm around the walls;
(d)  each seepage pit must be insulated against frost and be equipped with a manhole;
(e)  the shape of the seepage pits must ensure that the walls will resist the pressure of the earth;
(f)  the bottom of the seepage pits must be at a minimum distance of 90 cm from the bedrock, from impermeable, low permeability or permeable soil or underground water;
(g)  the seepage pit must be at least 1.2 m high and its length, width or diameter must not exceed 3 m.
A prefabricated seepage pit must comply with BNQ Standard 3682-850 and be installed in accordance with subparagraphs a, c, d and f of the first paragraph.
R.R.Q., 1981, c. Q-2, r. 8, s. 34; O.C. 786-2000, s. 33.