P-9.1, r. 6 - Regulation respecting promotion, advertising and educational programs relating to alcoholic beverages

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2. No person may advertise alcoholic beverages where the advertising
(1)  is directed at a person of minor age or induces a person of minor age to consume alcoholic beverages;
(2)  directly or indirectly portrays consumption of alcoholic beverages
(a)  as an element that enhances the importance, social prestige or success of a person;
(b)  as a means of improving athletic performance;
(c)  as an essential element in a person’s participation in activities; or
(d)  as an aid in surmounting personal problems;
(3)  associates the consumption of alcoholic beverages with the driving of a motorized vehicle; or
(4)  induces a person to consume alcoholic beverages in an irresponsible manner.
O.C. 1529-91, s. 2.