L-6, r. 12 - Lottery Scheme Rules

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45.1. The holder of a licence for a fund-raising drawing must prepare and keep a statement of gross and net profit on the form prescribed by the board.
The holder must send a copy of the statement to the board within 60 days following the date fixed for the awarding of the prizes.
The statement must contain:
(1)  the price fixed for a draw ticket;
(2)  the number of tickets sold to subscribers;
(3)  the total proceeds from ticket sales;
(4)  the total value of the prizes awarded;
(5)  the actual cost of each prize awarded, and supporting vouchers;
(6)  the total value of the prizes claimed;
(7)  the administration expenses related to the drawing;
(8)  the profit or loss from the drawing;
(9)  the name and address of each winner of a prize valued at $100 or more;
(10)  an attestation that all prizes offered were awarded, or if not, the reasons why they were not awarded.
Decision 91-03-07, s. 26.