CCQ, r. 6 - Regulation respecting land registration

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4. Each land file contained in an index of immovables comprises a heading in which the following information is recorded in addition to the name of the index:
(1)  the name of the registration division and of the cadastre in which the immovable that is the subject of the file is situated;
(2)  the lot number on the cadastral plan to which the file relates;
(3)  the date the file was opened;
(4)  the cadastral plan under which the file was opened;
(5)  the correspondence, if any, between the former lot number or the former serial number of the land file and the new lot number; and
(6)  the date, hour and minute of the last updates of the registrations of rights and the indication that cancellations or reductions were made on the file.
O.C. 1067-2001, s. 4.