B-1.1, r. 2 - Construction Code

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8.110. At the time of installation, aboveground piping must be subjected to a leak detection test conducted in compliance with the following requirements:
(1)  a test pressure of not less than 350 kPa, or 1 1/2 times the maximum operating pressure that may be produced within the piping, whichever is greater, must be created within the piping;
(2)  the piping system and its joints must be inspected with leak detection fluid;
(3)  the pressure created in the piping must be measured using a pressure gauge calibrated in units of not more than 4 kPa for gauge pressure equal to or less than 700 kPa and in units not greater than 1% of the test pressure, if it exceeds 700 kPa and the piping system is designed for such pressures.
If test pressures exceed the design pressures for pumps or similar components in the piping system, the pumps or components need not be pressure tested.
O.C. 220-2007, s. 1.