T-8.1, r. 7 - Regulation respecting the sale, lease and granting of immovable rights on lands in the domain of the State

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30. Except for removing dead or damaged trees, the lessee shall keep a wooded strip 20 m in depth along the front of the land or the watercourse and 10 m in depth from the side and rear boundaries of the leased land.
A lessee may clear the land of trees for the following developments:
(1)  the access road mentioned in section 29;
(2)  an access road to water having a width not exceeding 5 m, making possible the launching of a boat, and arranged to prevent erosion;
(3)  a trail or a stairway having a width not exceeding 1 m yielding access to the shore.
A lessee may also trim trees or shrubs to provide a view over the land or the watercourse.
O.C. 231-89, s. 30.