T-11.001, r. 1 - Regulation respecting the reimbursement of councillors’ research and support expenses

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4. The vouchers referred to in section 474.0.3 of the Cities and Towns Act must contain
(1)  the supplier’s name and address with an indication, in the cases referred to in paragraph 16 of section 2, whether the supplier carries on duties within the office staff of an elected officer of the municipality or within the political party submitting a request for reimbursement;
(2)  a description of the nature of the good or service;
(3)  the cost of the good or service, including taxes;
(4)  the date of the transaction and, if applicable, the date or dates on which the service was provided;
(5)  a copy of the invoice, if applicable;
(6)  proof of payment;
(7)  the name of the councillor or councillors who received the good or service; and
(8)  the purpose for which the expense was incurred.
M.O. 2013-07-03, s. 4.