T-1, r. 1 - Regulation respecting the application of the Fuel Tax Act

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32.1R1. For the purposes of section 32.1 of the Act, the manifest or way-bill must contain the following informations:
(a)  a serial number;
(b)  the date on which it was prepared;
(c)  the name and address of the person responsible for drawing it up and his bulk fuel transport permit, where applicable;
(d)  where the person referred to in paragraph c is a transport subcontractor, the name, address and, where applicable, the transport permit number of the person who gave him the transport contract;
(e)  the registration number of the vehicle used to transport fuel;
(f)  the name and address of the dealer and of the purchaser of the load;
(g)  the address of the place of loading if it is different from the dealer’s address;
(h)  the date of loading and the number of the document issued by the dealer to the transporter stating the quantity of fuel loaded;
(i)  the quantity in litres of the fuel transported broken down by type of fuel;
(j)  the address and the date for each case where fuel is unloaded and the quantity in litres of fuel unloaded in each place broken down by type of fuel;
(k)  the name and the signature of the driver.
O.C. 383-92, s. 11.