S-8, r. 6 - By-law respecting the delegation of powers and signing of certain documents of the Société d’habitation du Québec

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6. Vice-presidents are authorized, within the scope of their responsibilities, to approve
(1)  supply contracts and services contracts for less than $500,000;
(2)  construction contracts for less than $3,000,000;
(3)  deeds of acquisition or alienation of immovables, for less than $3,000,000, and deeds of lease;
(4)  documents relating to loans, investments, hypothecary or bond loans, and loans by notes, bonds or other securities, instruments and contracts of a financial nature;
(5)  loan guarantees to be carried out within social and community housing programs for projects in an amount equal to or greater than $5,000,000;
(6)  final undertakings for projects to be carried out within social and community housing programs;
(7)  the master budget of housing improvement programs and budget allocations to municipalities that have affirmed their jurisdiction as well as changes in those budget allocations in an amount equal to or greater than $500,000;
(8)  budget allocations relating to programs of assistance to the industry and to community or social initiatives;
(9)  terms of payment and use of financial assistance, authorization of payment, advance of funds or contributions to the management of programs, certificates of special assistance and remissions granted for any financial assistance equal to or greater than $25,000;
(10)  any additional required assistance less than 5% of the eligible costs for carrying out a project in difficulty within social and community housing programs;
(11)  any change to the major repairs and capital budget of a body that manages more than 1,000 dwellings, where the change is less than $2,000,000;
(12)  any tender document and any agreement incidental to liability insurance coverage of housing bureaus, cooperatives, non-profit organizations and the Société d’habitation du Québec;
(13)  any acquisition or alienation of immovables and any loan referred to in section 57 of the Act, for less than $5,000,000, and any lease provided for in that section;
(14)  documents relating to deeds of hypothecary security, deeds of cession of hypothecary rank, deeds of authorization to alienate, deeds of correction or amendment and other similar deeds for any housing project, within social and community housing programs, in an amount equal to or greater than $5,000,000;
(15)  any agreement with a department or body of the Gouvernement du Québec;
(16)  any directive or circular issued by the Société d’habitation du Québec;
(17)  any constitution of real rights in an immovable;
(18)  any agreement on services offered by a housing bureau to a housing agency;
(19)  deeds or documents relating to objections to municipal assessment;
(20)  deeds of renunciation of stenographic recording and of the right of review, negotiations by mutual agreement, and any document relating to the withdrawal of complaints in matters of municipal assessment.
Vice-presidents are also authorized to give the notices, authorizations and approvals under sections 52, 54, 55, 56, 68.1, 68.3 and 68.4 of the Act.
Subparagraph 9 of the first paragraph does not apply to programs for which a specific delegation has been provided for in this By-law.
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