S-6.01, r. 2.3 - Pilot project concerning remunerated passenger transportation services requested exclusively using a mobile application

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4.1. Despite section 4, the first quarterly instalment to be paid to the Minister by a holder referred to in Schedule I may be $100,000. The holder may also pay that same amount as an instalment for the following quarters. However, the provisions of this paragraph cease to apply to holders who make more than 125,000 trips in the same quarter.
Despite section 3, when the quarterly instalment paid to the Minister is $100,000, the duties payable per trip begun during one of the weekly intervals where the mobile application is available are as follows:
(1)  0 to 50,000 hours: $1.17 per trip;
(2)  50,000 to 100,000 hours: $1.37 per trip;
(3)  more than 100,000 hours: $1.53 per trip.
A holder to whom the provisions of the first and second paragraphs apply may, on its own initiative, pay the Minister a quarterly instalment equivalent to the amount provided for in section 4. In that case, the duties payable to make the mobile application available for a week are those provided for in section 3.
M.O. 2019-02, s. 3.