S-3.5, r. 3 - Regulation respecting standards of conduct of agent licence holders carrying on a private security activity

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6. Agent licence holders must act with competence and professionalism. They must carry on the private security activities that are assigned to them and exercise all related functions by showing the highest degree of integrity, competence, vigilance, diligence and care that one is reasonably entitled to expect from an agent licence holder.
In the exercise of their functions, they must not
(1)  be negligent or careless;
(2)  present themselves as having the authority, status or powers of a peace officer;
(3)  suggest that they have the capacity, level of training, skills or experience they have not; or
(4)  carry on a private security activity for which they do not hold a licence of the corresponding class.
O.C. 785-2010, s. 6.