S-3.5, r. 1 - Regulation under the Private Security Act

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17. The Bureau may issue a temporary agent licence to a person, for the purposes of carrying on a private security activity, in the following cases:
(1)  while the person is receiving training that may qualify the person for the issue of an agent licence under section 21 of the Act, in particular during a training period;
(2)  where the special needs of an investigation justify retaining that person’s services, in particular to act as an undercover or double agent; or
(3)  where an enterprise needs to hire temporary labour on the occasion of special events, such as sports or cultural activities, a labour dispute, a disaster or a pandemic.
Sections 10 to 12 apply to an application for a temporary agent licence. Such an application must be supported by a declaration from the person on whose behalf the holder of a temporary licence will carry on the private security activity, attesting to the purpose for which that person needs to retain the services of the temporary licence holder.
M.O. 2010-05-28, s. 17.