S-2.1, r. 13 - Regulation respecting occupational health and safety

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69.16. Register: The employer must keep and update a register that must contain the following entries and documents:
(1)  the location of flocking and heat insulating material that were inspected and the location of the materials and products that were checked;
(2)  the presence and type of asbestos or the absence of asbestos, in flocking and heat insulating material, materials and products, and the verifiable documentary information or sampling reports carried out by the employer indicating the types of asbestos or showing the absence of asbestos;
(3)  the dates and results of the inspections of flocking and heat insulating material containing asbestos conducted in accordance with sections 69.3 and 69.8 and the dates and results of any other verification of materials and products; and
(4)  the nature and the date of the work carried out on flocking, heat insulating material, materials and products containing asbestos.
The employer must keep the register provided for in the first paragraph for as long as the building or civil engineer works are under the employer’s authority.
The employer must put the register at the disposal of workers and their representatives who work in the employer’s establishment.
O.C. 476-2013, s. 3.