S-2.1, r. 13 - Regulation respecting occupational health and safety

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199. The employer must, for every machine situated in an establishment over which the employer has authority, ensure that one or more procedures describing the energy control method are developed and applied.
The procedures must be easily accessible on the sites where work is carried out in written form intelligible for consulting by every person having access to the danger zone of a machine, the health and safety committee of the establishment and the safety representative.
The procedures must be reviewed periodically, in particular every time a machine is altered or a failure is reported, so as to ensure that the energy control method remains efficient and safe.
O.C. 885-2001, s. 199; O.C. 1112-2023, s. 3.
199. Storage of grinding wheels: Grinding wheels shall be stored:
(1)  in compliance with the manufacturer’s recommendations;
(2)  protected from impacts, in chests or drawers specially designed for such purpose;
(3)  in dry areas, protected from sudden temperature changes.
O.C. 885-2001, s. 199.