S-13.1, r. 6 - By-law respecting the Mini Loto, any instant lottery and any “pool” type lottery

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5. Equivalent certificates: In the case of postal or subscription sales orders, the company may replace the ticket sold by a certificate specifying the name of the lottery scheme and the number of that ticket. The participant in whose name the certificate is registered is presumed to hold that ticket. The certificate is valid only if the price thereof has been paid before the date of the drawing to which it refers.
In such cases, the company may retain the prizes of $50 or less won by all holders of tickets sold by postal or subscription order or by group holders of such tickets. Where applicable, the company deposits those prizes in a special account and thereafter redistributes them by means of a drawing among the winners of the said prizes or among the holders of the category whose prizes of $50 or less are deposited in the above-mentioned special account.
In the case of telephone sales orders or interactive television sales orders received by one of the company’s computers from a participant identified by his personal identification code and having to his credit with the company sufficient sums to cover the amounts he bets at the time of the sale, the participant is presumed to hold a ticket bearing the data pertaining to the sale and generated by the company’s computer.
Decision 81-12-02, s. 5; O.C. 270-92, s. 1.