S-13.1, r. 6 - By-law respecting the Mini Loto, any instant lottery and any “pool” type lottery

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1. Définitions: In this By-law, unless the context indicates otherwise,
“ticket” means a lottery ticket issued by the company under a lottery scheme;
“retailer” means a person who sells tickets to the public;
“prize” means a sum of money or a good that the company must remit to the holder of a valid winning ticket;
“company” means the Société des loteries du Québec incorporated under the Act respecting the Société des loteries du Québec (chapter S-13.1);
“lottery scheme” means a lottery scheme referred to in section 2;
“drawing” means an event from which the company determines the winning numbers and, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, includes the use of one or more draw machines that choose the numbers at random or a computer that can generate random numbers or the determination of the winning numbers in accordance with the results of sporting or other events.
Decision 81-12-02, s. 1; S.Q. 1990, c. 46, ss. 42 and 46.