R-7, r. 1 - Regulation respecting leases and leasing and concession contracts of the Régie des installations olympiques

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2. In this Regulation, unless the context indicates otherwise,
(a)  “calls for tenders in newspapers” means a notice published in at least one daily newspaper inviting the submitting of tenders by potential agents for concessions from the Board;
(b)  “invitation for tenders” means a notice individually addressed to potential agents inviting them to submit tenders for concessions from the Board;
(c)  “lease” means a contract whereby the Board gains the right to enjoy or occupy an immovable for a certain period of time by rental;
(d)  “turnover” means anticipated gross income from a concession after taxes have been collected by the agent for the Gouvernement du Québec;
(e)  “agent” means a person who signs a concession contract with the Board;
(f)  “concession contract” means a contract entered into by the Board respecting the carrying out by a person of a commercial activity on behalf of the Board;
(g)  “leasing contract” means a contract whereby the Board entrusts the right to enjoy or occupy all or a part of the olympic installations;
(h)  “olympic installations” means for the purpose of applying this Regulation,
i.  the movable and immovable installations planned for the XXIth Olympic Games, including grounds, that are contained within the quadrilateral bounded by the south side of Sherbrooke street, the west side of Viau street, the north side of Pierre-de-Coubertin street and the east side of Pie-IX boulevard, in the city of Montréal, except the Maurice-Richard arena, the Maisonneuve centre and their respective facilities and the metro installations;
ii.  the Paul-Sauvé centre;
iii.  the Olympic Village;
iv.  any other installation for which the Board is or may become responsible under the laws governing it;
(i)  “principal establishment” means the principal establishment from which the business is conducted and where the managing staff and equipment are ordinarily located;
(j)  “royalty” means the amount to be paid by the agent under a concession contract;
(k)  “Board” means the Régie des installations olympiques;
(l)  “site” means the Olympic Stadium, the Vélodrome, the pools, the grounds, the Paul-Sauvé centre and the West and East Pyramid of the Olympic Village.
R.R.Q., 1981, c. R-7, r. 1, s. 2.