R-20, r. 4.1 - Regulation respecting the election of a representative association by employees of the construction industry

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3. The returning officer’s function is to see to the proper conduct of the poll. In particular, the returning officer takes the following measures that are necessary to
(1)  establish the postal polling station and make its address known;
(2)  facilitate the exercise of the employees’ right to vote;
(3)  ensure the secrecy of the vote;
(4)  maintain order while the votes are being counted, including by excluding any person who is not authorized to be present or hampers the conduct of the counting;
(5)  ensure that the relevant information is entered in any report that must be kept under this Regulation.
In this Division, “employee” means an employee entered on the list provided for in section 30 of the Act.
O.C. 244-2012, s. 3.