R-15.1, r. 6 - Regulation respecting supplemental pension plans

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77.3. The amounts, pensions or sums determined before 1 April 2018 in accordance with the provisions of sections 54, 55, 56.0.3 and 56.0.6 must be re-determined to take into account any change to the normal pension registered or taking effect after the date on which the benefits are valuated for the purpose of their partition, transfer or seizure, but not before 1 January 2014, and that would have had an effect on the value of the benefits of the member at the date of the valuation or the seizure.
The provisions of this Regulation apply for such purpose by substituting the date on which the partition or transfer is executed for the date of the valuation for the purpose of partition or the transfer.
O.C. 1183-2017, s. 47; I.N. 2018-03-01.