R-15.1, r. 6 - Regulation respecting supplemental pension plans

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67.3.10. Where a member or beneficiary whose pension has been guaranteed opts to have his or her benefits transferred to a pension plan referred to in section 98 of the Act, the insurer must, at the request of the pension committee, allocate the guarantee to non-guaranteed benefits of other members or beneficiaries or, if the insurer is unable to make such an allocation, pay into the pension fund the commuted value of the guaranteed pension at the date the benefits are transferred or, where the contract does not provide for a commuted value, the fair market value of the guaranteed pension determined on the basis of reasonable assumptions and cancellation fees.
The value of the guaranteed pension to be transferred by the pension committee to the pension plan specified by the member or beneficiary must be equal to the value of the pension to which the member or beneficiary is entitled, reduced to take into account insufficient assets. That value is determined in accordance with the provisions of section 67.3.9.
O.C. 308-2022, s. 55.