R-12.1, r. 2 - Special provisions in respect of classes of employees designated under section 23 of the Act respecting the Pension Plan of Management Personnel

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23. Where an employee ceases to be a member of the plan, is or was an administrator of state I and held the office of secretary-general of the Conseil exécutif, associate secretary-general of the Conseil exécutif with the rank and privileges of a deputy minister in accordance with section 10 of the Executive Power Act (chapter E-18), executive assistant to the Premier, secretary of the Conseil du trésor, or deputy minister or chair of the Office des ressources humaines, the employee is entitled, from 31 December 1991, to have a number corresponding to 0.5 months for each month during which the employee held any of such offices before 1 January 1992, up to 5 years, added to the years of age and years of service credited to the plan on that date. That number is, to the extent that it is added to the years of service, deemed to be service credited after 30 June 1982, and section 57 of the Act applies taking into account that number, except to the extent that it is added to the age of the employee.
From 1 April 1984, the office must be held as administrator of state I.
For the purposes of this section, an employee who was a member of the Teachers Pension Plan or of the Civil Service Superannuation Plan on the day preceding the day on which this Order in Council became applicable to the employee is deemed to have elected to be a member of the plan on 31 December 1991 in accordance with the terms and conditions prescribed in Order in Council 1609-90 dated 21 November 1990.
O.C. 960-2003, s. 23.