Q-2, r. 9.1 - Regulation respecting compensation for adverse effects on wetlands and bodies of water

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10.2. The application referred to in the first paragraph of section 10.1 must contain an assessment of the relevance or the site selected for the work to restore or create wetlands or bodies of water, including the following information and documents:
(1)  the location of the site selected to carry out the work;
(2)  an assessment of the potential or need for the restoration or creation of wetlands or bodies of water on the site;
(3)  the environmental advantages and disadvantages of the work, with a description of the expected gains in terms of the area and ecological functions of the restored or newly created wetlands and bodies of water that will compensate for the damage caused by the project;
(4)  the land uses allowed on the site by the municipality under a zoning by-law.
O.C. 1369-2021, s. 7.