Q-2, r. 46 - Regulation respecting contaminated soil storage and contaminated soil transfer stations

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62. The operator of a contaminated soil transfer station must, 60 days before the transfer station is to cease operations, send a notice to the Minister confirming the date of closure.
On the day of closure of the station, all contaminated soils must have been transferred by the operator to an authorized treatment centre so that no such soil is present in the building or on the surrounding land.
The operator of the transfer station must have a characterization study of the land performed within 6 months after operations have permanently ceased. The study must be sent to the Minister as soon as it is completed.
If the characterization study reveals the presence of contaminants in a concentration exceeding the values determined pursuant to section 42, the operator must take the necessary measures so that the contaminant concentration returns to values equal to or lower than those values. If, however, the values determined pursuant to section 42 were equal to or greater than the limit values in Schedule II, the operator must take the necessary measures to reduce the contaminant concentration to values lower than the values in that Schedule.
O.C. 15-2007, s. 62.