Q-2, r. 35.2 - Water Withdrawal and Protection Regulation

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20. Where a groundwater withdrawal facility is plugged, the plugging must meet the following conditions:
(1)  a material not likely to degrade the quality of the groundwater must be used;
(2)  the well casing must be exposed to a depth of at least 1 m below the surface of the ground;
(3)  the well casing must be cut off at the bottom of the excavation;
(4)  the portion of the casing open to the aquifer must be filled with clean sand;
(5)  the remaining portion of the casing must be filled with pure bentonite or a cement bentonite mix;
(6)  a concrete slab must be placed over the end of the casing;
(7)  the excavation must be filled using the soil initially excavated.
This section also applies to an observation well.
O.C. 696-2014, s. 20.