Q-2, r. 35.1 - Québec residual materials management policy

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The current residual materials management approach does not generate maximum value from these materials, as nearly half of the residual materials produced are disposed of. Efficient management of these materials will foster the development of a new industry that creates jobs and wealth.
The goal of the Québec Residual Materials Management Policy is to implement various measures that not only help improve our environment and help reduce economic losses associated with simple disposal of residual materials, but also foster the growth of the recycling and energy production industries. These measures aim to:
(1)  Prevent or reduce the production of residual materials, particularly by targeting product manufacturing and marketing;
(2)  Promote recycling and reclamation of residual materials;
(3)  Reduce the quantity of residual materials sent for disposal and ensure the safe management of disposal sites;
(4)  Require producers to take into consideration the environmental effects of their products and the costs associated with the recycling, reclamation, and disposal of the residual materials generated by these products.
O.C. 100-2011, s. 3.