Q-2, r. 35 - Protection Policy for Lakeshores, Riverbanks, Littoral Zones and Floodplains

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An application for an exemption can only be assessed for eligibility if it is accompanied by the appropriate supporting documents. The application should provide a detailed cadastral survey of the site for which a works, undertaking or structure is planned and should show that the works, undertaking or structure satisfies the following 5 criteria, and accordingly, respects the public safety and environmental protection objectives set out in the Policy:
1. human safety is ensured and private and public property is protected because suitable flood-proofing and protection measures have been integrated;
2. natural streamflow is not impeded; the probable changes in the hydraulic regime of a watercourse must be identified and specific information relating to impediments to ice movement, reduction in flow area, potential erosion risks and risk of an increase in the flood level upstream that may be caused by a works, structure or undertaking must be given;
3. the integrity of the territories is maintained by avoiding filling and by demonstrating that the proposed works, undertakings and structures cannot be reasonably located somewhere other than in the floodplain;
4. the quality of the water, the plants and wildlife representative of wetlands and their habitats, and in particular threatened or vulnerable species, is protected to preclude damage; the potential environmental impacts of a structure, undertaking or works must be assessed taking into account the characteristics of the materials used for flood-proofing;
5. public interest for a works, undertaking or structure has been demonstrated.
O.C. 468-2005, Ann. 2.