Q-2, r. 34.1 - Regulation respecting municipal wastewater treatment works

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8. The following are forbidden in dry weather:
(1)  overflows of wastewater in the environment from municipal wastewater treatment works;
(2)  diverting of untreated or partially treated wastewater at a treatment plant.
For the purposes of this section, dry weather means any period beginning 24 hours after the end of rain.
The prohibition referred to in the first paragraph does not apply to overflows and diverting of wastewater occurring in the following events:
(1)  in a case of emergency;
(2)  the melting of snow;
(3)  the realization of work to alter, repair or maintain a works when a notice is sent to the Minister under section 15;
(4)  the infiltration of water into the works caused by spring thaw.
O.C. 1305-2013, s. 8.