Q-2, r. 34.1 - Regulation respecting municipal wastewater treatment works

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18. An application to amend a depollution attestation must be filed in writing and contain the following elements:
(1)  the number of the depollution attestation in respect of which the application is being filed;
(2)  an update of the information included in the depollution attestation, if such is the case;
(3)  a description of the amendments applied for and the reasons justifying such amendments;
(4)  an impact assessment of the amendments on the quantity and quality of the effluent from the treatment plant concerned or on the overflows of wastewater that may occur at the municipal wastewater treatment works concerned;
(5)  a certified copy of the deed authorizing the applicant to file the application for amendment.
O.C. 1305-2013, s. 18.