Q-2, r. 27 - Regulation respecting pulp and paper mills

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133. (Revoked).
O.C. 808-2007, s. 133; O.C. 871-2020, s. 1.
133. The plans and specifications for a landfill facility must contain the following documents:
(1)  a topographic survey of the land establishing the contour lines at a maximum interval of 1 m;
(2)  a list of the servitudes encumbering the land and of the surface and underground facilities located on the land;
(3)  a site planning map at a scale between 1:1 000 and 1:1 500 indicating natural screens, embankments and other concealment screens, deforested areas, vehicle circulation areas, cover materials storage areas and the location of observation wells;
(4)  longitudinal and transversal sections of the land showing its initial and final profiles and the stages in the redevelopment of closed sites;
(5)  the plans and profiles of the outside runoff drainage system; and
(6)  if such facilities are planned, the plans and specifications for the facilities and works intended to collect and treat leachate and to measure its flow, and the plans and specifications for biogas collection systems.
O.C. 808-2007, s. 133.