Q-2, r. 27 - Regulation respecting pulp and paper mills

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120. Within 6 months following the date on which the landfill site is closed, the operator must obtain from an independent expert and send to the Minister a closure report attesting to
(1)  the working order, effectiveness and reliability of the system of water table observation wells and, if applicable, the leachate collection and treatment system, the drainage system for runoff water, the continuous system for measuring and recording the flow of leachate and the biogas collection and treatment system;
(2)  compliance with the limit values that apply to discharges of leachate, if applicable;
(3)  the quality of water from observation wells in comparison with the reference well; and
(4)  compliance of the landfill site with the provisions related to the final cover of landfilled residual materials and to the height of the residual materials relative to the surrounding land.
The closing statement must specify any instances of non-compliance with the provisions of sections 104, 109, 111 and 116 and indicate the remedial measures to be taken. It must also indicate any remedial measures to be taken if there is a problem with the systems referred to in subparagraph 1 of the first paragraph.
O.C. 808-2007, s. 120.