Q-2, r. 27 - Regulation respecting pulp and paper mills

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106. Subject to section 107, before being directed to a landfill site, the residual materials referred to in section 117 must have an average dryness value of at least 25%.
Despite the foregoing, sludge from biological treatment and mixed sludge from biological treatment containing at least 50% sludge on a dry weight basis may be directed to a landfill site if
(1)  the sludge has an average dryness value of at least 15%; and
(2)  the landfill site is impermeable and the leachate is collected and treated in accordance with the provisions of section 102.
The average dryness value is the arithmetic average of the dryness measurements taken during a month for each type of residual materials directed to a landfill site.
O.C. 808-2007, s. 106.