Q-2, r. 26.1 - Regulation respecting the operation of industrial establishments

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11.1. For the purposes of this Division,
“accumulation area” means a parcel of land on which mine tailings are accumulated or intended to be accumulated;
“mine tailings” means any solid or liquid substance released through the extraction, preparation, beneficiation and separation of ore, including sludge and dust resulting from the treatment of mining wastewater or atmospheric emissions, except for the final effluent and residue released through the operation of a pit or quarry within the meaning of the Regulation respecting pits and quarries (chapter Q-2, r. 7). Any solid or liquid substance released through the processing of mine tailings to market a substance contained therein or slag and sludge released in the course of a treatment using primarily ore or enriched or concentrate ore as part of a pyrometallurgical, hydrometallurgical or electrolytic process, are also considered as mine tailings.
O.C. 652-2013, s. 5.