Q-2, r. 17.1 - Regulation respecting the regulatory scheme applying to activities on the basis of their environmental impact

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10.1. The holder of an authorization in which the Minister has prescribed in accordance with the Act conditions on the monitoring, supervision and control of activities must file with the Minister electronically, at the frequency provided for in the authorization or on the Minister’s request, the information or documents required using the forms, templates, spreadsheets or any other data collection tool appropriate to the requirements where they are available on the website of the Minister’s department.
The requirement provided for in the first paragraph applies to an authorization holder as of 1 January each year for any data collection tool made available on the website not later than 30 September of the preceding year.
This section also applies to an authorization issued before 6 July 2023, despite any inconsistent provision.
O.C. 985-2023, s. 2.