Q-2, r. 0.1 - Regulation respecting activities in wetlands, bodies of water and sensitive areas

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38.10. The following are prohibited when carried out in a low-velocity flood zone:
(1)  the construction of a main residential building on land that has been backfilled without having obtained the required authorizations or has become vacant following a flood;
(2)  work carried out to establish, modify or extend a pipe in a waterworks system, sewer system or storm water management system except
(a)  when the system is intended to serve
i.  an infrastructure or a building constructed before 23 June 2021 in a low-velocity zone;
ii.  any other infrastructure or building whose construction is not prohibited in a low-velocity zone and provided that the conditions set out it section 38.11 are met, if applicable;
(b)  when the system is intended to serve an infrastructure, a building or a sector situated outside the low-velocity zone;
(c)  when the work relates to a public road.
For the purposes of first paragraph,
(1)  construction does not include dismantling;
(2)  land is vacant when more than one year elapses from the dismantling of a main residential building located on the land, without reconstruction work having begun.
O.C. 1596-2021, s. 49.