P-9.3, r. 1 - Pesticides Management Code

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73. An owner or operator of a golf course who applies pesticides or has pesticides applied on the golf course must, every 3 years beginning on 3 April 2006, send a pesticide reduction plan to the Minister.
The plan must contain the following information:
(1)  identification:
(a)  the name and address of the owner or operator of the golf course;
(b)  the name and address of the golf course;
(c)  the name and address of the person or permit holder who is responsible for pesticide applications;
(d)  the name of the person responsible for maintaining the green areas of the golf course; and
(e)  the total area of the golf course including only the greens, tee off areas, alleyways, sand traps and roughs, in hectares;
(2)  pesticides:
(a)  the total quantity of pesticides applied annually in the 3 years preceding the sending of the plan to the Minister for the following classes of pesticides, with an indication of the area treated for each class:
— fungicides;
— insecticides;
— herbicides;
— rodenticides; and
— other pesticides; and
(b)  the name of each pesticide used for each category and its registration number;
(3)  pesticide reduction objectives for the next 3 years, expressed in percentage or in quantity, for each of the following classes of pesticides:
(a)  fungicides;
(b)  insecticides;
(c)  herbicides;
(d)  rodenticides; and
(e)  other pesticides;
(4)  methods used to observe, monitor and detect harmful organisms and the data collected, the preventive measures, the cultivation methods and the control methods used to attain the pesticide reduction objectives;
(5)  measures taken to prevent pesticides from migrating outside the premises; and
(6)  an evaluation of the results attained in regard to the reduction plan for the 3 previous years, their justifications and the corrective adjustments to be made, if any.
The plan must be signed by an agronomist who is a member of the Ordre des agronomes du Québec.
O.C. 331-2003, s. 73.