P-9.3, r. 1 - Pesticides Management Code

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57. A person who intends to apply pesticides for the purposes of forest development or preservation in a forest area must, before any application, post a sign at the point of access of each passable road leading into the area to be treated.
The sign must be conspicuous, legible from the road, weather resistant and contain the following information and pictogram:
(1)  at the top of the sign, the words “TRAITEMENT AVEC PESTICIDES”;
(2)  under the preceding, a pictogram showing the prohibition to gather plants for consumption in the treated area; and
(3)  under the pictogram, the following items:
i.  “Ingrédient actif:”
ii.  “Numéro d’homologation:”
iii.  “Titulaire du permis ou agriculteur ou aménagiste forestier:”
iv.  “Adresse:”
v.  “Numéro de téléphone:”
vi.  “Numéro de certificat:”
vii.  “Titulaire du certificat: (initiales): ”
viii.  “Centre Anti-Poison du Québec:”
ix.  “Date de l’application:”
including, for each item above, information on the common name of the active ingredient of the pesticide used, the registration number of the pesticide, the name, address and telephone number of the permit holder, farmer or forest manager, the certificate number of the person responsible for the work, the name and initials of that person, the telephone number of the Centre Anti-Poison du Québec and the pesticide application date.
The sign may not contain any information other than the information prescribed in the second paragraph.
The sign must remain in place until the end of the edible plant season in the treated area.
O.C. 331-2003, s. 57.