P-9.3, r. 1 - Pesticides Management Code

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30.2. A notice sent pursuant to section 29.1 or 30.1 must contain the following information:
(1)  the name and contact information of the person responsible for the work;
(2)  the name and permit number of the permit holder proposing to apply the pesticide;
(3)  the total area of the territory where each pesticide is to be applied;
(4)  the identification of the species and, where appliable, the sub-species to be controlled;
(5)  a description and analysis of the various possible phytosanitary interventions, including alternative pest control methods, and a description of the proposed interventions, including the pesticide application work;
(6)  the name and registration number of each pesticide to be applied;
(7)  the proposed quantity, dosage and number of applications of each pesticide and the type of equipment to be used;
(8)  the proposed dates for the work;
(9)  the steps taken to inform the public, if the work is to be carried out in a place that is accessible to the public and, where applicable, riparians concerned by the work;
(10)  the steps proposed to eliminate residual plant matter after treatment, if any;
(11)  the revegetation program following the application of a pesticide in accordance with section 29.1;
(12)  the contact information of any person in charge of providing information on the work.
The following documents must be sent with the notice:
(1)  a map at a scale of at least 1:10,000 showing the pesticide application zones, the littoral zone boundary, the wetland boundary and the populations of plant species that are targeted by the work;
(2)  a copy of the label of each pesticide used.
O.C. 990-2023, s. 15.