P-40.1, r. 3 - Regulation respecting the application of the Consumer Protection Act

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162. A security provided for in this Division must be used to guarantee the indemnification in capital, interest and costs of any consumer holding a liquidated debt certified either by a judgment rendered against the merchant, his representative or the surety, or by an agreement or transaction entered into between the consumer, on the one hand, and the merchant, his representative, the trustee or the surety, on the other hand, and resulting from the fact that the merchant or his representative received from the consumer a sum of money in a case governed by section 254, 255 or 256 of the Act and has not performed his main obligation or refunded to the consumer, where applicable, the sum of money received.
R.R.Q., 1981, c. P-40.1, r. 1, s. 162; O.C. 1148-90, s. 23.