P-29, r. 1 - Regulation respecting food

Full text General delicatessen plant — rooms: A wholesale delicatessen plant must include:
(a)  a receiving, packing and shipping room and a marquee or covered loading or unloading dock;
(b)  a room for cutting up and boning;
(c)  a room for mincing and preparing meat;
(d)  a room for cooking with separate areas for preparation, conditioning and packing of the cooked products;
(e)  a room for brined or pickled products, if the operations so require for the conditioning of the product;
(f)  a room for smoke-curing if the operations so require for the conditioning of the product, unless the smoke curer is installed in a separate area inside a cooking room;
(g)  a refrigerated room at a temperature of between 0ºC and 4ºC and, where applicable, a freezing room at a temperature of minus 18ºC or lower for preserving frozen products;
(h)  a room or compartment for the storage of spices, ingredients and other additives or preservatives;
(i)  a refrigerated room or compartment at a maximum temperature of 7ºC for preserving the bones or waste from edible meat or meat products not intended for human consumption;
(j)  a room or compartment under lock and key for storing packaging materials and labels bearing the stamp;
(k)  a room or compartment for storing packaging materials not bearing the stamp;
(l)  sanitary rooms including a restroom with a drinking fountain, wash basins, clothes lockers and lavatories at the disposal of the personnel employed by the operator;
(m)  an installation for the purification of waste water in conformity with the regulations in force and, where applicable, a trap for organic fat installed in an inedible products room or outside the plant;
(n)  a machinery room separate from the other rooms and including an area for the installation of heating apparatus, compressors and electricity panelboards, and an area for the repairing and mechanical maintenance of the equipment;
(o)  a compartment for storing cleaning, washing and sanitizing materials;
(p)  a room with a floor surface of at least 8 m2 and having, in addition, an adjoining lavatory, reserved exclusively for the inspector; if more than one inspector is employed, this area must be increased by 4 m2 for each additional inspector. This room must open directly on rooms other than work rooms.
A single room may be used for the operations contemplated in subparagraphs b and c of the first paragraph provided the said operations are carried out in separate areas.
The room or compartment provided for in subparagraph i of the first paragraph does not have to be refrigerated, provided the waste is removed from it daily and skins are not kept there.
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