M-9, r. 13 - Regulation respecting the activities contemplated in section 31 of the Medical Act which may be engaged in by classes of persons other than physicians

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8.6. Besides the activities provided in section 8.4, the nurse practitioner specialized in primary care who practises in an isolated region facility may engage in the following activities:
(1)  medical activities in advanced cardiac life support, advanced pediatric life support, advanced neonatal life support and advanced trauma life support including the prescription of drugs and substances;
(2)  perform an emergency delivery and treat post-partum hemorrhages;
(3)  use the following medical treatments:
(a)  gastric lavage;
(b)  posterior nasal packing;
(c)  immobilization of a fracture;
(d)  reduction of a dislocation or subluxation of a closed fracture or a compound fracture or, when there is neurovascular involvement, of an open fracture.
(4)  prescribe the drugs and substances listed in Schedule III.
A drug prescribed under the first paragraph is prescribed in accordance with the provisions of Division II of the Règlement sur les normes relatives aux ordonnances faites par un médecin (chapter M-9, r. 25), with the necessary modifications.
For the purpose of this subdivision, “an isolated region facility” means a primary care facility or a dispensary listed in Schedule IV.
O.C. 365-2008, s. 1.