M-4, r. 1 - Regulation respecting the admission and discipline of members of the Corporation of Master Pipe-Mechanics of Québec

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21. The Corporation must increase the proficiency and ability of its members to ensure greater public security and protection with respect to hygiene and health. Since that objective can only be attained if a constant concern for integrity in performing the work is an integral part of a member’s professional competence, every member must
(a)  take into account the possible consequences of the work performed by the member on the life, health, safety or property of every person and at all times comply with the standards and good practices that apply to the member’s trade;
(b)  inform the persons responsible for the work, where the member considers that the work may harm the life, health, safety or property of any person;
(c)  express an opinion on issues pertaining to the trade only if that opinion is based on sufficient knowledge and honest convictions; and
(d)  keep informed about all developments in the trade, an essential condition to practise the trade competently and serve the public well;
(a)  take into account, before entering into a contract, the extent of the member’s knowledge and skills and the means available to carry out the contract;
(b)  refrain from practising the trade under conditions or circumstances likely to affect the quality of the services;
(c)  fulfil professional obligations with integrity and good faith;
(d)  display reasonable availability and diligence in the practice of the trade;
(e)  before a contract is entered into or work is started, fulfill the duty to inform by providing the client, as far as circumstances permit, with any useful information concerning the nature of the task which the member undertakes to perform and the material and time required; in particular, the member must promptly inform the client of the extent, terms and conditions, and eventual and foreseeable cost of the work entrusted by the client and obtain the client’s agreement in this respect;
(f)  take reasonable care of a client’s property;
(g)  give a report on the work performed when required by the client;
(h)  provide clients with all the necessary explanations to understand invoices; and
(i)  set out, in the practice of the trade, to make a reasonable profit on prices that are justified in the circumstances;
(a)  contribute to the development of the trade, in particular by sharing knowledge and experience with fellow members;
(b)  show integrity towards employees, fellow members and various stakeholders in the industry;
(c)  if the member believes that a fellow member has committed a derogatory act, bring the matter to the attention of the Corporation; and
(d)  take part, as far as the member is able, in the activities of the Corporation.
O.C. 103-2005, s. 21.