M-13.1, r. 1 - Regulation respecting petroleum, natural gas and underground reservoirs

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72. The test period for the utilization of an underground reservoir must not exceed 1 year.
An exploration licensee shall, 1 month prior to the utilization of the underground reservoir, notify the Minister in writing and transmit to him a test program certified by an engineer who can prove training or experience in drilling indicating:
(1)  the location and description of the underground reservoir where the projected tests are to be carried out;
(2)  geological, geophysical, petrophysical and hydrostatic information, as well as drilling results justifying the projected tests;
(3)  the location, actual condition and characteristics of the well where the projected tests will be carried out and a description of the geological formations, whether consolidated or not, traversed by the well;
(4)  a minimum of 3 complete and interpreted seismic profiles indicating the subsurface and location of the underground reservoir where the projected tests are to be carried out and the seismic adjustment of the well drilled above the underground reservoir;
(5)  the hydrostatic pressure of the underground reservoir recorded for each well used during the projected tests;
(6)  the nature and properties of the substances stored or buried in the underground reservoir during the projected test;
(7)  the method, quantity and pressure used when injecting substances into the underground reservoir;
(8)  the nature, purpose and duration of each projected test;
(9)  the names of the contractors responsible for carrying out operations;
(10)  any methods used to dispose of extracted substances.
O.C. 1539-88, s. 72; O.C. 1381-2009, s. 40.