M-13.1, r. 1 - Regulation respecting petroleum, natural gas and underground reservoirs

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103. A producing wellhead must:
(1)  in the case of an onshore well:
(a)  be protected by a double wall shelter made of nonflammable materials and giving access to the well by the opening of a removable section of the roof or by moving a removable section of the shelter, or be protected with a 2.5-m fence surmounted by a 30-cm top made up of 3 twisted barbed wires. The fence must be of 9-calibre galvanized wire with openings not exceeding 6 cm on a side, and enclosing a protective perimeter of at least 12 m, with corner posts of 9-cm galvanized steel anchored in concrete to a depth of not less than 1.2 m;
(b)  be identified by a sign affixed to the fence indicating the name of the producer, the production lease number, and the name and the number of the well designated by the Minister;
(2)  in the case of a well in a water-covered area, be equipped with a device for locating it.
O.C. 1539-88, s. 103; O.C. 1381-2009, s. 51.