L-6.2, r. 1 - Regulation under the Tobacco Control Act

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4. In a printed newspaper or magazine, advertising disseminated pursuant to subparagraph 8 of the first paragraph of section 24 of the Act must
(1)  be rectangular, have a maximum area of 400 cm2, be high and wide enough to hold the warning concerning the harmful effects of tobacco on health prescribed by regulation of the Minister of Health and Social Services and be bordered by a line that is not less than 0.5 nor more than 1.5 points wide; and
(2)  not appear on the first, second or last page of the newspaper or magazine and be printed on paper of the same size and quality as that usually used in the newspaper or magazine.
The advertising space may contain no advertising other than the advertising to which this section refers. If several tobacco advertisements are disseminated in the same printed newspaper or magazine, they must be grouped to appear on 1 or, if need be, 2 or more successive pages.
O.C. 704-2008, s. 4.